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  • Quality Tenants
  • Experience
  • Online Reporting
We are solely Residential Property managers – not an ‘add-on’ department of a real estate sales company. For example if the tenant misses a rent payment – we take immediate action! If repairs and maintenance issues arise – we deal with them promptly and efficiently! Our mandate is to maximize owner’s investment returns.
We qualify each and every one of our tenants by completing an on-line debtor search; a Tenancy Tribunal search; an internal ‘ bad tenant’ registry search; a previous landlord reference check plus a personal interview.
We have been managing residential property since 1997 and all our Managers have acquired the depth of skill and knowledge necessary to efficiently deal with every type of tenancy problem.
Home owners can log-in and view up to the minute rent records, property inspections and account statements. All of our managed properties are video recorded at the start of each and every tenancy.
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